Every good faith effort will be made to accommodate your maintenance request in a speedy manner

If you have further questions or other non-emergency related questions, please  contact our office here or call us at 325 949 7814

Emergency Maintenance

If you have an emergency maintenance request during our normal office hours please contact the office at 325 949 7814.

If you have an after hours emergency please call the after hours emergency maintenance at: 325 949 7814.
Emergencies include:

Severe water leaks, i.e. floods, toilet overflowing, sewer back ups-If you are experience a sewer back-up you should immediately stop use of all water including dishwasher, shower, toilets, and sinks.  No Heat - In the event that your heat stops working during normal business hours please contact our office immediately. If your heat stops working after hours please contact emergency maintenance.


please submit your non-emergency maintenance requests Below

Emergency Maintenance Requests should be submitted directly through the Office @ 325 949 7814

For actual emergencies, please call 911 ASAP

3433 Arden rd

San Angelo, Texas 76901

325 949 7814

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